Fat Loss in 21 Days - calorie burning exercise

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「 Fat Loss in 21 Days 」is one fitness app for all girls eager for fat burning and build a hot body. Girls want to have good figure with flat belly, toned-up butt, slim leg and elegant back. This app offers all that you want. We design courses carefully about different parts of body, butt, leg, abs and full body fitness. Through 21-day fitness training, you will embrace one better figure!

Main feature of 「 Fat Loss in 21 Days 」below:

∮ 21-day scientific fitness courses. fitness is one choose, we couldn’t have one hot body all the life just by one-month workout. What we can do is to help you to form a good fitness habit and learn how to exercise properly and efficiently.「 Fat Loss in 21 Days 」 just do this way.

∮ Fitness design based on different parts of body. You can choose what you care most to try and insist on it. Also, you can try several courses at the same time.

∮ There’s no fee needed. This app is totally free. We just wish you can take good use of it. You use it, you lose it.

∮ With full consideration about users staying at home. All the fitness can be done at home or anywhere you feel comfortable and anytime you want workout.

∮ Timely reports telling how long you have taken the exercises, and your weight and BMI change will be presented in charts and tables.

∮ Friendly to beginners. 「 Fat Loss in 21 Days 」is for girls who don’s have so much experience about how to do workouts. We provide detailed voice guide about every action. More than that, each courses starts with easy action, and get tough step by step.

∮ Reminder if you need it. This function is especially useful for people busy with work or always forget to take exercise.

There are much more fun waiting for your explore in 「 Fat Loss in 21 Days 」.Ready to join us ?Let’s start our fitness journey!
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