Origami: how to make paper flying airplanes

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Origami is an incredibly beautiful hobby that develops spatial thinking, fantasy, fine motor skills and memory in children and adults. Especially interesting direction is the making of paper flying airplanes without glue, because you have to think not only about the form, but also about its practical significance for the flight.

The ORIGAMIR™ application is not only a step-by-step tutorial on how to make truly flying paper planes, but also a huge collection of unusual models that you probably did not know about. We developed convenient assembly schemes, finalized them so that your planes would fly higher and further. Especially if you want to arrange competitions.

We want this application to give you and your loved ones unforgettable moments of happiness and special vivid impressions. We will continue to supplement the collection of paper airplanes with flying models that have passed our verification. And if you know about a model, and want us to add it to the collection, then write to us by e-mail, which is listed in the contacts.

Recommendations for making flying airplanes from paper:

1. If you want your aircraft to fly farther and better, then use thin A4 paper and a density of less than 80.
2. Try to make even folds and fold paper as accurately as possible.
3. If you did not succeed the first time, then try to make another model.
4. If the paper plane does not fly well, then try to raise the wings a little.
5. If your airplane is turning in the air, then check that the vertical planes are not bent.

We tried to make a simple and understandable application. Have done a lot of work on testing and finalizing models. We want to ask you to rate this application. If there are wishes, then write them in the reviews.

We wish you exciting flights!
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